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Bath salt can often contribute to both a relaxing and energizing effect thanks to its effective ingredients. There are plenty of useful minerals in the salt which means that the body is detoxified in a natural and safe way.

By adding a bath salt to the warm and relaxing bath water, the skin can be exfoliated, cared for and have a rejuvenating effect at the same time. Don't forget to moisturize your skin after bathing. This is especially important during the winter months when the skin is often a little extra dry.

You need:

2/3 epsom salt

1/3 bicarbonate

2 tablespoons Himalayan salt

10 drops lavender

7 drops stress away

Rose petals

Mix all the ingredients together (the essential oils can be varied according to taste and taste. Maybe it's something special you want to support) and finally add rose petals. Fill up in a glass jar. Then use about 2-3 tablespoons in a bath.

Wihoo, finally VLOGMAS is here and we have so much fun stuff to do together. During vlogmas we will have a GIVEAWAY worht 100 dollar. So excited to share this with you. Random during the days of vlogmas you will find secret letters. In total 9. These letters will form the secret word. Hint hint, the first letter you will find in DAY 1 :)

So on the 25th of December you hopefully will know the word and you will send me an email to or a DM om instagram @lindaklinton to be part of the giveaway. You will find more information on YouTube.

Stay fab and lets do day 2.

So this vlogmas we have a lot of fun stuff going on. And you know what? Today we launched our Spreadshirt shop with a lot of VLOGMAS merch. I personallly love them all. Come join our little tribe and get your own one.

Here is some of the prints that are avalible. You can order your own right here: Go to shop

I will also get started with my e-maillist. So don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. I promise I won't spam you ;) . Scroll down to the end of this page and get registred.

So let the countdown begin....

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