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Spring is officially here

OMG! It's already the end of the first week in April. As always Sweden shared all kind of weather with us. From snowstorm to sunny beautiful spring walking weather. Actually I did a video all about my spring reset. Come join me and get some tips on how to get ready for spring.

This upcoming week will be full of work and preparations. Ihhh, have I told you? I'm going to be a YIN yoga teacher and the practice starts in the middle of April. Can't wait to share more with you.

I would love to know what you want to see more of on my YouTube channel? Do you like VLOGs? I'm thinking of also sharing more of my healthy journey, would that be fun? How to create a capsule wardrobe and much more.

One more thing I'm really curious about is microcurrents and how this works and how it can help us. When googleing it I find that microcurrent was actually first used in the 1980s as a treatment to stimulate muscles in people with conditions such as Bell’s Palsy. Once the face-lifting side effects were made apparent, it didn’t take long for the beauty industry to catch on, and microcurrent facials have been rising in popularity ever since. Microcurrent is essentially very low levels of electrical current. It’s not unlike the body’s own bio-electrical field.

When I attended a holistic/spiritual fair late October I bought a wand which worked with terraherz frequences. I love it and use it when in pain or to just make structured water. Some might think is weird, like my husband, but I fully truely belive in it.


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