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Plantbased books I really love

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Even if I'm not vegan I really do love cooking vegan food and for my inspiration I have a ton of vegan cookbooks. Here you will find some of my favorites:

Portionen under tian (swedish book)

The starch solution by Dr. McDougall MD is a great way to get started and to really understand the method with the 50/50 plate and how to lose weight on a vegan diet. Plantifully Kiki show us all the ways to mange this method with super yummy food on her YouTube channel. Now she has a new book out - Plantifully Lean. And this is as lovely as all her other books. I have so many more vegan books but these will have you coverd to start with. Portionen under tian is two great swedish books that is both good for your economy, health and Mother earth. And of course, don't forget to check out my recipies here on the blog.


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