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Homemade Peach salsa

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Today hubby made us some yummy peach salsa. Can highly recommend it for the summer barbecue parties.

Peach salsa 1 can of canned peaches, approx 470g 2 fine shredded spring onions 1 small finely chopped red chili 3 tbs chopped fresh mint juice of 1 lime A pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients and let sit for an hour before serving. Delicious!


Persikosalsa 1 burk konserverade persikor, ca 470g 2 finstrimlade salladslökar 1 liten urkärnad och finhackad röd chili 3 msk färsk hackad mynta saften av 1 lime 1 krm salt

Blanda allt och låt stå och dra en timme före servering. Underbart gott!


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