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The difference between Affirmation cards, Oracle cards & Tarot cards

Many people wonder what’s the difference between these three types of cards. So I thought I could give you my perspective in this jungle of cards.

Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are short, encouraging, usually first-person statements that are easy to memorize. They are great for helping set your mind in a positive direction. Repeat them out loud or in your head at the beginning of your day and throughout. Place your card of the day so you can see it. Go back to the card and remind yourself of the affirmation.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are used to help you tap into your own inner truth, your intuition. They are often themed, but they do not follow any particular rules. They are also often based largely on imagery, designed to unlock your creative potential and interpretive skill. The oracle often have a short message to you and an additional book to read more about the card.

Tarot Cards

The deck of tarot cards has a traditional structure and every card has a certain meaning. When reading tarot, there are some additional rules than are the case with oracle - and affirmation cards. These cards are more free-flowing and can have basically any content.

A deck of Tarot usually contains around 78 cards, but some decks are a little different.

The deck is divided into Major and Minor arcana (arcana means secret). The 22 cards in the Major Arcana tell us about our path through life and our role here on earth. The 56 cards in the Minor Arcana represent our interaction with the outside world, how we feel in our daily lives. With tarot cards there is therefore a theme that runs like a red thread through most cards.

Using Affirmation & Oracle Cards for Self-Care

With both affirmation cards and oracle decks, you might connect to the words on the cards, or perhaps you’ll be inspired by the artwork. Whichever type you choose, these decks are tools to help you practice self-care, mindfulness and develop a deeper self-love.

Self-love allows you to have healthier relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, and most importantly, yourself. When you replace insecure thoughts with self-acceptance and self-love, you begin to radiate and find contentment from within. Always trust your intuition and that you have all you need inside of you. There are no hard and fast rules on how to use the cards.

Sometimes you may draw a card once a week or use them a few times per day. If you are in a rush and trying to boost your emotional state, you can pull an affirmation card or oracle card to recenter yourself in the present moment. And in that way, get a quick check in with yourself. Affirmation cards often work well as answers to open-ended questions about improving a specific area of your life.

Using a Tarot deck

Learning to use a tarot deck can take years but there is much information to look for on the internet. For me, I just use it like an oracle card and sometimes I do use some spreads given in the book that comes with the deck. Tarot cards can give your guidance but will not predict your future.

How to choose a deck?

Always go with a deck that speaks to you. I might be the artwork, the messages or both. But still, always trust your intuition and your gut feeling. And do not hesitate to leave a deck behind if you feel that you are done with it. You grow and your needs change. Don’t be afraid to let go.


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