#nospendwithlinda challange

Hi, let's do this challange together. This is 30 days when we don't spend any money. You can start which day you like and then just go on for 30 days! Or you do start on the 1st of the month.

This all started when I though that I needed to save some money and continue to declutter and DON'T fill up the cabinets again. The rules are simple, you should not spend any money for 30 days unless you really really really need it. Of course you need to pay your bills and stuff. But cut down on the extras.

- Use the food you have at home in pantry, refrigerator and the freezer.

- Don't buy lunch out

- Don't buy alcohol

- Don't buy clothes, house stuff, makeup, magazines, books and so on...

- If your kids really need something, buy it!

And most important! Don't be to hard on yourself if you fail a day or two. Just keep on going. Every day you don't spend is a win!

Here you can download your freebie: https://www.lindaklinton.com/produktsida/nospendwithlinda


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