• Linda Klinton

New year, new love?

Fotnot: Malin har hittat kärleken så de små anekdoterna är nu ett minne blott 🙂


Well not for me then. I have my hubbs. I just got to think of my friend. Yes, it is actually a friend, I call her Malin here to not hang her out 😉 .

This year Malin has tried various dating sites with varying results. But one thing is for sure, she’s had so much fun! I know this because it’s a very close friend and we share most things 😉 . She has met lots of interesting people and some friends for life as she would otherwise never have met. It is so interesting to get to know a person without knowing who it really is. It’s cool that you even can fall in love without actually have met. But of course, you need that chemistry. And that you will never know until the first blind date. So, are you looking for love or friendship I absolutely think you should try. You have nothing to lose!

Have you any experience of blind dating? Successful or not?

Footnote: Malin has found love and the little anecdotes are now just a memory

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